Beautiful beings blessed purely by the divine, angels have been quite a subject for criticism as to why God created them. It is normal to question such but important to understand how they came to be because people might have different views and opinions on the matter and fail to comprehend the truth about everything. God created them for three things: strength, intelligence, and order.

Strength. Angels are so powerful that even humans can hardly comprehend the extent of it. If God is powerful, the angels are too as they are able to hurl rather large rocks and unlock seals that cannot be broken. The only difference between God and angels is that God is omnipotent. And there shall only be one omnipotent God. With their strength, angels are able to become protectors of justice and also bringers of justice. They were entrusted by God to keep His people safe from all harmful things they were exposed to. This is why we have what we call guardian angels. Each one of us is assigned an angel, a protector.

Intelligence. Angels are more intelligent than man as they possess more knowledge and understanding about the two worlds, heaven and earth. God entrusted them this kind of power and ability because they are tasked to do so much more than just protect the worldly creations. Being able to comprehend the differences and similarities of heaven and earth, angels are much more superior. However, even with such knowledge, God is still the only omniscient being in the world as He is the creator of everything and He is the creator of life.

Order. There are two types of angels: the good angels and the bad angels. Those who have remained loyal to God are known as the good angels, while those who have fallen and sinned against Him are the bad angels. There are millions of angels created by God because one is assigned for each person created on earth. However, these angels cannot simply function on their own, just as man is not capable of living in solitary. Because of this, they also have “organizations” or distinctions to where they belong.

Now that we are all aware of the reasons why God created angels, it is important that we understand and respect them as much as we respect God Himself. Angels have been there to protect us without us even realizing what they have been doing. We have been met by death a million times, but somehow we managed not to fall into its trap because of our protectors. As protectors of mankind, angels have shown a lot of promise on integrity and loyalty without demanding anything from God in return. Angels are our guides and nets as they save us from innumerable things and wrong decisions we could have made. All those wrong turns we thought of twice and were able to avoid, those were the works of the angels as they continuously practiced loyalty to God.