We are all knowledgeable of the fact that we have guardian angels who guide and guard us against evil. However, what we fail to realize is that angels are not only guardians but they are messengers as well. These angels bring whatever message God wants and needs us to hear so that we may serve Him better.

Angels are known to deliver messages as part of God’s revelation. God has done so many things to make angels known that He even asked them to show themselves to the people who needed to take the message. While most of us do not understand this and some do not even believe their existence, it is important to continuously read the Bible so that we may be informed of everything that God had created.

Before we even materialized and during the time of Moses, people were already committing unspeakable crimes that hurt God in so many ways and even angered Him. When this happened, God sent His angels down to earth to give a message to men. Somehow, when angels seemed to show themselves, people were not afraid because they would always feel this holy presence surrounding them. Angels are good beings even though they are like soldiers ready to strike at God’s command. They will not hurt you and were sent to guide you in life so that you may see the Kingdom of God. When angels showed up to deliver a message, they did so in a way that people felt like they were enveloped in a safe cocoon. However, when angels were also asked to strike down the people that wronged God, it would feel like the end of the world.

Angels are powerful and strong. Delivering messages does not only mean showing up and saying what God wants us to hear. These messages can also be shown in the way the angels are guiding us and protecting us because they were sent by God to do just that.

We as humans are very vulnerable and susceptible to darkness, danger, and cruelty. And as sinners, it is very easy for us to give in to temptation and wallow in pain. Because of our decisions, we are made to suffer and learn but only to the extent that instead of doing it again, we stop and think things through and realize that we should do a better job of serving God.

Without angels, we would be long gone. They pray for us when we are almost swallowed by pain and when darkness is about to triumph. They guide us to do better but are unable to sway our decisions because, at the end of the day, we are the ones who live our lives. They are just there to seek out our salvation, to help us become worthy individuals, and to help us see God in the way they see Him, as someone who created us to give us a chance to experience a wonderful life.