To know more about angels, we should continuously and religiously read the Bible. We need to understand how they were created and what they are, as ethereal and spiritual beings. According to the Bible, angels have the following characteristics:

Angels are immortal. As they are spirituals, they are immortal. Therefore, angels do not die and they live on forever just like God.

Angels are obedient. When they were created, they were given the chance to choose whether or not they would accept the mission that God gave them. The word mission holds something heavy and biding and by that, we can say that angels are obedient. With the mission to protect mankind, they are continuously carrying out the mission that God entrusted them.

Although they are spiritual, angels are considered as spirit bodies. They have no worldly body but still possess limbs, eyes, voices, etc. When we imagine them, they are much like humans, only with wings.

Angels can be both visible and invisible. In the Old Testament, the angel Gabriel became visible to Mary as he delivered the news that she would bear the son of God, savior of mankind, Jesus Christ.

Angels can ascend and descend from heaven to earth. This is possible because they are spiritual beings and can easily travel to places. They were gifted by God with this to make it easier for them to protect us and keep us away from harm.

Angels can speak languages. Angels can sing and speak different languages, some only they can understand. Angels are very intelligent beings and are far more superior than humans in more than one way.

Angels are strong and mighty. Angels have legions and they are the soldiers that were made to protect heaven and earth. They can easily hurl big stones, create earthquakes, and summon large waves of water if need be. This is how strong and powerful they can get.

Angels are holy. As they were created by God and considered as spiritual beings, they are holy and need more than just respect from us. As we all know, it is not easy to protect a child from conception until the child grows to become more than just a part of our lives. Angels are much like our parents. They take care of us, guide us, protect us, and make sure that we are out of harm’s way.

Angels are intelligent and wise. Just like God, angels are intelligent and fast on their feet. Just like real soldiers, they possess great abilities that could easily keep us from harm and protect us from the dangerous things we are exposed to in life.

Angels are modest. With the respect and reverence they show to God with thanks of being created, angels have learned to become modest and respectful beings that carry themselves in a way that also demands respect in return. Angels are wonderful beings, blessed and obedient, skillful, meek, and beautiful. They are our guardians and our protectors.