You might have noticed that you are special. Actually, we all are. In this life, the one God gave us and the one we were always destined to live, God blessed us with talents. These talents that we have are unique and different from others. Some might have a talent for dancing, some in singing, some in writing, some in drama, some in sports, and some in other things.

Once we discover our talents, we do our best to hone them and make them beautiful skills that we can showcase to other people. We join trainings, workshops, and other activities to make ourselves better so that we can perform in front of a crowd who will love us for what we are doing.

Some people who are fortunate and really exceptional with their skill get sent to schools which focus on it. It’s really a wonderful experience and something you would wish for your child to take part in. however, with the talent that we have, we must continue to be humble and good individuals. No matter how far we get, we must continue to remember that we once came from mediocrity and worked our way to greatness. One we finally achieve this, we must share the talent that we have to other people so that they too may be inspired to run after their passion.

God gave us our talents for a reason and that is to show people that we can be an inspiration to them. These talents are not for selfish ways. We can profit from them but we should always give back to the community who cannot afford to make their dreams turn into reality. By sharing what we have, we can give them a little push to try harder and do better.

Having talents is wonderful, and it is something that we must always be thankful for. When we perform, we make sure to keep the people happy and entertained. By doing so, we are able to show God that we are thankful for the gift He gave us. We can showcase our talents in different ways. If you have a penchant for singing, you can serve the church by joining the choir and singing songs to the Lord on Sundays. When you have a talent with handling kids, you can teach Sunday school and take part in their growth as religious individuals who will then be the next generation to serve God. Some people are so talented in writing and they can hone their skills by writing articles about God and praising Him for giving us a very wonderful life to live.

It is very easy to show God that we appreciate Him. We only need to think and be aware of the needs of the people surrounding us because these people need guidance and inspiration. There is no one considered far too gone because we all have chances in life. We need to teach them not to give up.