Author: Gay Sizemore Sauer

Brightly gets in trouble with the other angels, who describe him as a menace. They convince the head angel in charge of assignments to send Brightly somewhere else. “Brightly,” the older angel said, “I have decided to give you a new assignment, one that will test your ability to behave well.” Thus, it was that Brightly was sent to earth to help provide safety in a stable in Judea where a very important baby was going to be born.



The chairman listened sympathetically to the protesting angels, then said he would see about giving Brightly an assignment some distance from their heavenly posts.


Brightly understood very clearly that he was being dismissed from Heaven and would be sent to earth to serve in some outpost no one had really heard of. However, he thought he could produce a good show, flying low to the earth and doing multiple somersaults within a few feet of space.


By the time the stable was occupied by a young couple and the angels assigned to hover above it were in place, Brightly had actually lost his wing. However, he was so caught up in the majesty of the assignment that he hardly bothered about it. He was on hand to witness the birth of an incredibly special baby!