Gay Sizemore Sauer

Brightly gets in trouble with the other angels, who describe him as a menace. They convince the head angel in charge of assignments to send Brightly somewhere else. “Brightly,” the older angel said, “I have decided to give you a new assignment, one that will test your ability to behave well.” Thus, it was that Brightly was sent to earth to help provide safety in a stable in Judea where a very important baby was going to be born.

The author enjoys writing short stories for children. Her first book, however, was a collection of poems and stories written for residents in a nearby nursing home. Her private collection of travelogues and journals tell the story of her many trips to fascinating places in the world, including Antarctica.

Mrs. Sauer, a retired high school English instructor, earned degrees at West Texas State University, Canyon, Texas, and Montclair University Montclair, New Jersey. She describes herself as a life-long student of literature and history.