Known as our guide and our salvation, angels were more of a picturesque type of entity, so otherworldly and rare to see. Books have been written about them, even those of fantasy which depicted angels as very powerful beings that can easily kill you with their gaze if you meet them eye to eye and it turns out that you are not worthy of them.  In our childhood days, there is what we know the guardian angel who keeps us company and protects us from the harmful things we are exposed to as a child. They serve as our pillows and blankets during a bad fall and our nets to safety.

As good as angels have been said to become, are they truly loyal to God? Back in the day when God created the universe, he created angels first. They were part of what was called the “heaven” belonging to other heavenly things and creatures in the realm. God made them so because he wanted a legion, an army, a guide, a messenger, etc. for short, God created angels for heaven and man’s protection. Primarily, angels see, adore, and love God and serve Him with utmost respect simply because He was the one who created them. God loves His angels very much in a way which can never be described.

Not all angels became faithful to God for some of them had committed sin. One of these angels is Satan. Satan is a fallen angel who was named Lucifer. He was jealous of God so he challenged Him to a fight and lost simply because God is more powerful than them, being their creator. Also, all angels were given the chance to prove themselves to a test if they were worthy of eternal happiness or not. Although some have not succeeded, the ones who were left remained in eternal happiness with Him in heaven. Thus they were called good angels.

These good angels serve God and continue to be loyal to Him by protecting us and being our guardian angels. In the Old Testament, it was an angel (Gabriel) who gave Mary the message that he would bear the son of God, savior of mankind.

These heavenly beings are very important in our lives. They have been with us even before we were born, protecting us at all costs so that we may live and experience the Kingdom of God on earth. Angels are beautiful and blessed, remaining ever loyal to God because of how He created them. In heaven, angels keep the peace as they become soldiers and pray for us eternally so that we may not suffer along with the other people who have disobeyed God and turned to the hands of the fallen angel, Lucifer. Angels are a perfect example of how we should be treating God: with reverence and much respect. It takes a lot of courage and a lot of heart to create us, and God took that risk for our happiness. It is only fitting that we repay however we could.