While we toil around all day to keep ourselves afloat, we tend to forget of the higher power who was the reason why and how we were brought into this world. We are easily distracted by worldly things and fall into traps we put ourselves in such as vices and bad intentions. However, despite these instances, we must remember to return to Him and devote ourselves to Him. Our lives here on earth are short which is why we need to maximize our time and productivity in God’s Kingdom.

  1. Make mornings prayerful. The moment you wake up, always remember to put your hands together and pray to thank the Lord for giving you another day to enjoy the life He has bestowed upon you. With the time available to you, make room to read the Bible so that you may continuously nourish your soul by understanding His Word.
  2. Make God as the basis for your decisions. Always put God at the center of everything. When you need to make decisions, easy or hard, always turn to Him and ask Him what he thinks works better. Also, do not do anything that might tarnish His name or make God feel disappointed. Be wary of your actions and conscious of your decisions.
  3. Organize your life. Stress is a dangerous poison and once we are touched by it, we fail to think of the things it might cost us. We become disorganized and seem out of it, unaware of the things happening outside the cloud of stress we are enveloped in. by organizing your life, you will be able to live more peacefully.
  4. Rest. When you are tired, don’t overwork yourself because it will only make you sick. Be aware of your body and what it needs because it is the only vessel you will ever have. When you are well-rested, it will be easy for you to get along with other people and be kind to the ones in need of your care and attention.
  5. Check up on yourself. It is important to keep yourself healthy by constantly checking your mental, physical, and emotional well-being.  Do not let the negative vibes get to you as you can easily channel it to another person who does not deserve to be treated poorly.
  6. Be productive. Do not laze around on your bed all day. Instead of lying and engaging in your latest iPhone, go out and take a run. This way, you can keep your body in check and be productive of your health. It is also important that you do not lay dormant. The more you let yourself grow, the faster you will mature.

When God looks down on you and sees how much effort you’ve put in to make him happy, he will appreciate it and give you something abundant in exchange. Life is too beautiful not to experience it. With this, continue to honor God and his word.