We are so curious about angels because we know so little of them. Due to the lack of understanding, we have created different fantasies of them as we gave them images from our own imagination. Most of us might have had ideas about them from the little angel figurines our parents used to keep all ranging from full-grown angels to cute little cherubs.

  1. Angels are neither male nor female. They do not have material bodies because they are purely spiritual beings. Therefore, they have not been assigned any sex. Although angels possess names that can easily be differentiated from boy to girl, remember that these are only names. They do not hold anything of importance when it comes to assignment of gender.
  2. In natural intelligence, Lucifer is the one in the highest rank. Lucifer is a fallen angel now famously known as Satan. He once challenged God to a duel and lost because he was very jealous of God.
  3. Upon creation, angels were given the chance if they were to accept or reject their mission. They decided without feeling any kind of remorse. While we humans are very emotional, angels are the opposite. Although they protect us, which shows that at least they show some signs of emotion, they are doing this because it is their mission to do so. Should they choose to reject their mission, it is in their discretion.
  4. We all have guardian angels. Angels are our protectors, and each human being is assigned an angel to protect him from harm. Imagine there are more than six billion human beings on earth. That is the same number of angels God has created to save and protect us from danger.
  5. Although they are our protectors, they cannot violate or free will. When we decide on something dangerous, the angel protecting us cannot do anything to change or influence our decision. When we lock our decision into something disappointing, the angel will continue to be there to guide us in case harm is done to us or danger is coming.

With the number of angels protecting us here on earth, it is bizarre to realize that humans still end up being dead, murdered, hurt, and in pain. This only goes to show that although angels were created to protect us, we are also in control of our own actions. We have led ourselves to the path of destruction especially when man decided to become innovative in a way that they forgot to consider all the different factors that should come with it. Man has become selfish enough to damage and deplete the creation of God which we were supposed to protect and cherish. Without angels, we would all have been gone by now, but thanks to them we are still enjoying the life given to us. With that in mind, we should all start to make a change for the better, starting with ourselves and how we respect nature and the Kingdom that God has created for us.